Lower Derwent Valley

The Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve and its associated legally designated sites falls partly within the Sutton upon Derwent Parish.

The Lower Derwent Valley is a haven for wildlife supporting internationally important populations of wintering wildfowl, as well as being a haven for breeding wading birds, otters and supporting some of the most important and botanically rich flood plain meadows in the country.  The Reserve however only covers  approximately  a third of the designated area.  The rest is privately owned and managed in a traditional way by local farmers and landowners. 

More details of the Reserve can be found at:




Natural England holds events throughout the area which are advertised on the facebook page (above).

The Valley is a special place and Natural England is keen that local people have an opportunity to enjoy the areas unique landscape and that the wildlife interest is safeguarded.

Guidance regarding planning with respect to the Lower Derwent Valley has been provided and adopted by EYRC.  A link to the guidance is available here.